ERP analysis

Scandic Fusion offers universal data mart for ERP system analysis which contains details of each module and at the same time - enables common dimensions for seamlessly integrated analysis.

Deployment can be used on top of any ERP software, including (but not limited to) these: SAP R3, Oracle EBS, Axapta, Navision, Scala and others.

Data marts include dimensions and facts from various ERP modules: purchasing, inventory, sales orders, manufacturing, HRMS, payables, receivables, fixed assets, projects, property management, subledger accounting (aka "controlling"), general ledger.

Analytical facts provide details which are not naturally stored in ERP systems in historic way. For example, debtor balance by period, order fulfillment by period, procurement lead times by period, project fulfillment by period and many others.

Our experience shows that there is no single recipe for interactive dashboards that will fulfill any business need. Instead, we use rapid deployment approach by prototyping a solution for different user groups until it shows exactly what is needed without sacrificing visual look and feel.

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