DWH & BI Audit

From time to time we have noticed situations where DWH/BI solutions have been implemented in a company a while ago, however there are still internal concerns about the performance/security/usability/overall sanity of the solution.

Scandic Fusion possesses expertise in auditing existing DWH/BI implementations. As a result, we provide a competent opinion of both the strong areas of the current solution as well as the parts that might require improvements. In addition, we aim to understand the utilized capacity of the existing solution, its potential enhancements and whether the current implementation allows for fulfilment of additional business needs the company might have.

Our experience has shown that carrying out a DWH/BI audit project might help to overcome many everyday obstacles with minimal investments. There is a clear and common understanding afterwards as to where technical intervention is required and where it is sufficient to only adjust internal processes of the company in order to make the DWH/BI solution more usable.

Keywords & Deliverables
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