Management accounting

Scandic Fusion offers management accounting solution which presents Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet in much more interactive way than just a plain report in size of A4.

Interactive dashboards can be used centrally (top management) and decentrally (middle management, product owners). Each user can see as much as he/she is allowed to see because of easily configurable security. Information is presented nicely via tables and charts, allowing step by step navigation to details.

Solution is used by companies, which constantly want to follow revenue/cost positions, benchmark those against forecasted/budgeted/year ago and drill down to details of accounting transaction (and its source document details).

Solution enables PL and BS consolidation (if intercompany transactions exist), one or several reporting currencies (important if legal units are located in different currency zones), adds on top of any accounting system (actual amounts are calculated using general ledger) and budgeting solution.

Cost allocation component performs automatic split of overhead and indirect costs that prepares managerial insight of product/service/department net profitability.

Budgeting component can be handy in cases when company does not have central budgeting/forecasting application.

Analytical facts provide options to pre-calculate measures, e.g., month ago, year ago, year-to-date, rolling-12, actual vs. budget, actual vs. forecast, actual/forecast vs. budget.

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