Pre-study of BI Needs

Some customers prefer to start their BI implementation directly with a development project, whereas others opt for a pre-study phase that allows to formulate BI needs before actual development starts.

There are multiple reasons for carrying out a pre-study project:

We have seen scenarios where companies recognize needs for BI and have certain requirements for it, but want to reconfirm the initiative before making any investments.

Alternatively, we have met with companies who have made investments in data warehouse technologies years ago and would like to evaluate the potential conversion of such solutions into up-to-date BI initiatives due to outdated or underutilized technologies that don’t deliver the full range of possible business gains.

We can say from our experience that companies who have many source systems often possess quite complex reporting mechanisms. As those cannot be easily broken down into simple structures, the optimization mechanisms and BI architecture are naturally also more complicated and may require external input.

BI pre-study projects help in addressing all these and many other issues. During the pre-study phase, business needs are converted into a specification of valid BI requirements through interviews and workshops. These workshops are aligned with business priorities, technical architecture; they include suggestions and implications towards processes, systems, software components that are required for BI initiative.

Keywords & Deliverables
interviews with business representatives interviews with IT-personnel requirements specifications technical architecture project plan (aligned with priorities) prototype/demo

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