BI Implementation

BI development process typically takes our clients through several iterations, gradually shaping the solution in the form that they desire it to be.

Business users are able to see and get their hands on tangible progress every 2 weeks, even if it is a custom built BI solution for very specific needs.

Before diving into pure custom-built solutions, it might be useful to consider taking a look and possibly reusing some of our existing know-how. We have extensive experience in a variety of specific industries as well as in cross company solutions. Reusing previous experience enables rapid deployment, shorter implementation timeframe, minimized risks and reduced costs. Our best practices and cross industry know-how is there to be transferred into fulfilment of business needs of any company that is considering BI deployment.

Our clients have different backgrounds and different requirements, but there is at least one common thing they all value in Scandic Fusion: results are on-time, in budget and exceed initial expectations.

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