Micro crediting

The BI implementation expertise offered by Scandic Fusion has been used by leading microcrediting companies in the Baltics.

The core BI foundation usually offers a deeper understanding of overall performance, profitability and lifecycle of small credits, leasing and asset backed loans. Typically a well-designed BI solution includes performance indicators on such business areas as loan application handling, loan issuing, loan repayment rates, loan surplus and debt recovery amounts as well as customer attraction and support analysis.

In addition, there are several cross company solutions that are typically chosen by our customers as a bundle that supplements the core operational data. The most commonly picked components are management accounting analytics, customer and product portfolio lifecycle analysis, call center analysis and marketing and sales performance analysis (incl. analysis on performance of web-services from data that is accumulated e.g. via Google analytics).

Interactive dashboards, as our proposed way of representing the business insights, are intuitive, easy to understand and can be utilized by a wide range of employees, starting from business analysts up to the board members of the company. The dashboards serve client managers reviewing the performance/surplus of their client accounts on a daily basis as well as senior management monitoring overall profitability and sustainability of the credit portfolio on a periodic basis.

Relevant areas of analysis

Application analysis

    • Conversion ratio
    • Rejection analysis
    • Sales channels
    • Customer portfolio analysis

Collection process

    • Collection workflow analysis
    • Collection effectiveness

Loan analysis

    • Surplus analysis
    • Customer segmentation
    • Payment discipline

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