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Scandic Fusion has experience in developing BI solutions for companies that are operating with credit, debit and loyalty cards on everyday basis.

Such BI incentive fulfills strategic decision making interests for payment card divisions in banks (issuing/acquiring/both), payment card processing centers and major merchants. The BI implementation proposed by Scandic Fusion covers both the issuing perspective (focusing on performance of payment cards from the perspective of the emitter) and acquiring perspective (focusing on performance of payment cards from the perspective of the acquiring networks such as ATM, POS, eCommerce).

The data marts that are most commonly required by our customers provide full information of core business elements – payment authorizations, transactions, balances, card limits, exception items, frauds. In a typical scenario we provide additional dimensionality that enables splitting core business elements by the most relevant categories such as customers, card types and individual cards, merchants, card terminals, authorization/transaction details.

A BI development project of such scope is usually bundled with several cross company solutions for additional business and strategic insights. Those include, but are not limited to, management accounting (with emphasis on card product profitability), customer and product portfolio analysis (customer tendencies in time by different customer segments), marketing and sales performance analysis (marketing campaign impact, payment card upgrade/downgrade tendencies in different periods of time).

Interactive dashboards as our proposed way of representing the business insights on payment card performance can be utilized by all the involved parties – banks, processing centers, merchants etc. The dashboards that are intuitive and easy to understand are helpful in ensuring support of information based decisions for various business functions of the involved entities, including those responsible for sales, marketing, product portfolio, credit risk management, support functions and general management.

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